Raw Alpaca Fleece 2nds


100% Raw Alpaca fleece from our herd for spinning or crafting.

2nd cuts. Sold in 500g lots.

We have multiple colours to offer.

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2nds are the term used to describe the fleece from the legs, neck, and belly of an alpaca. It is coarser than the blanket cut and contains more guard hair, however, it is still soft and fine, especially with regard to the neck (which has far more fleece than you’d imagine!).

Traditionally, these cheaper cuts are used by crafters for wet felting, needle felting, stuffing cushions or pillows etc. Depending on the alpaca, some of it is even fine enough to spin and turn into clothing (ask for Mungo or James).

The fleece is untreated and unwashed and may contain a little vegetation.

A bit about alpaca fibre:

Each individual strand – or fibre – lacks scales, making it super-soft to the touch and wonderful against the skin.
Containing very little lanolin, it is also more economical to prepare, needing very little washing to remove dust and dirt. In fact, a lot of hand-spinners will spin straight from the bag and simply wash the spun yarn at the end.

Alpacas are fibre animals, meaning their fleece grows continuously, so they sheared annually for their own well-being. We use and sell the best quality fleece for spinning and making garments. You can find some for sale in our other listings.

We are selling it in 500g packs and will be posted in vacuum bags.

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