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Greenside Suri Spring Flower

Greenside Suri Spring Flower

Pregnant White Suri Female

Date of Birth: 18th March 2014

Age: 8 Years old

Colour: White 

Due Date: 28th May 2022

Spring Flower is a fascinating girl for the coloured breeder. Genetically, she is a mid brown, but has an excessive display of the white spot gene, causing her to look predominantly white. Her true colour is revealed only by the spot on her back. This means, that she will breed as if she were a solid mid brown.  

Spring Flower has a long, fine, silky soft fleece, perfect for selling to doll makers.

She has been mated to our silver grey stud, AOA Jupiter. This is a great opportunity to purchase a female with a grey mating, guaranteeing a coloured cria with a 50% chance of grey. 

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Pregnant Female

Date of Birth: 2016

Age: 8 Years old

Colour: Grey & True Black

Due Date: May 2022

We have a couple of pregnant females we are looking to release to fund some work. Please get in touch for further information



We have a variety of packages available.

  • Discounts for purchases of multiple females:
      • 5% for 2 alpacas
      • 10% for 3+ females bought.
  • Stud Companion: Jupiter + Reyn for £2850 (save £150)

We also offer 50% off stud services to returning females purchased from us and discounts to our customers.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, drop us an email as we don’t list everything.


Oriontree's Reyn

Oriontree's Reyn

Castrated Male

Date of Birth: 27th August 2018

Age: 3 Years old

Colour: Light Silver Grey

Oriontree’s Reyn is a fine-fleeced, sweet-natured chap. He has gorgeous semi blue eyes that look like glaciers – stunning – and he’s a real poser. He would suit someone looking for a fibre animal as his second fleece was only 17.9mic! However, he is also a part of our walking team and, as such, is gentle and easy to handle. 



Oriontree's Absolute Anarchy

Oriontree's Absolute Anarchy

Castrated Male

Date of Birth: 5th June 2017

Age: 4 Years old

Colour: Solid True Black

Oriontree’s Absoluite Anarchy or ‘Anakin’ to his friends is one of the most people-oriented alpacas we’ve ever encountered. He LOVES people. He wants to say ‘hi’ to everybody, even people cycling by. He is first at the gate to see who is visiting and very gently sniffs your face (which we call ‘giving you a kiss’ as you can plant one on his soft velvety nose). He is a kind and gentle soul who has been out on many walks with us and is easy to handle for routine treatments. However! he is, by far, our most enthusiastic alpaca and walks very fast! 


AOA Jupiter

AOA Jupiter

Suri Stud Male

Date of Birth: 9th August 2010

Age: 11 Years old

Colour: Silver Grey

An excellent opportunity to acquire a proven grey suri stud at a reasonable price. Jupiter has a history of producing greys and has excellent fleece stats for his age, demonstrating that he maintains fineness and has the potential to pass that on to his cria. He has a 50% chance of producing grey when mated to a female of colour.

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Oriontree's Grenadier

Oriontree's Grenadier

Young Male

Date of Birth: 8th June 2021

Age: 8 Months old

Colour: Rose Grey

‘Garfield’, as his friends call him, is a confident, friendly young boy. He takes easily to anything you ask him to do and is always first to check out new things or people. He is the last cria from our old girl, Gracie, so we currently have his brother, who is one of our stud males, his sister, and even his father, who is another of our stud males. As such, we can offer him out to someone looking for a quirky chap in their lives. He is available as part of a package with two other males.


Please note:

All our alpacas are halter-trained for ease of handling.

All our sales come with:

  • a full health history of the animal
  • after sales support
  • pregnancy certificate
  • pre-movement worming
  • live cria guarantee (7 day)
  • discounted stud services to returning females
  • microchip
  • BAS registration
  • No VAT

We can provide a Tb test at purchaser’s cost.

If you require a course in how to care for your alpacas, we would be only too pleased to spend a day showing you the ropes.