Alpacas at Events

Make your event special – book our alpacas for the day!

Country & Village Fairs

The Whole Hog

Book the full ‘Oriontree Experience’ at your event. We bring along a plethora of critters to entertain your visitors, including: 3 alpacas, a rabbit or two, a hen and her chicks*, a duck and her ducklings*, a separate cage of chicks, and an incubator full of eggs due to hatch that day. Depending on the type of event, one of our dogs may accompany us as well.
Providing there is no wind, we will do a fleece skirting demonstration, showing how we prepare our fleeces before sending them off for processing into yarn. We offer little bags of feed – that can be sold for donations – for your guests to experience feeding the alpacas. Your guests will coo over the baby animals and enjoy feeding and taking selfies with the alpacas. They will also have the opportunity to hold and cuddle some of the chicks and learn more about our various animals, not to mention watching the eggs hatch, live!

*Dependent upon availability.

Prices start from £400 for the event. Discounts available, please contact us.

Just Alpacas

Are you after a purely alpaca experience for your event? Our machos are certainly up for that. Prices start from £250 to have them at your event for the day.

Parties and Corporate Events

Now here’s something your guests won’t be expecting! Our handsome machos would be more than willing to greet guests at your party or event, and would certainly give them something to talk about.

Price: £100 for one alpaca to make an appearance, or £200 for up to 3 alpacas in a pen at your event for a set time.


For weddings, we would like to tailor something to your special day. We won’t limit you to specific packages. Give us a call with what you have in mind and we’ll try our best to accomplish it (within the realms of the possible). This could be anything from simply making a novelty appearance at the reception, to a full ring-bearing, guest-greeting, photo-shoot experience (venue dependent). Throw your ideas at us!


What better way to learn about our incredible world than by meeting some of its inhabitants? Bring the exoticism of Peru to the children with our alpacas. We will teach them about where they come from, what they are used for and how we look after them. Then, in small groups, the children can come up to them, stroke them and feed them from their hands (or from tubs for those not quite brave enough) while we answer any questions.
Educational visits include up to 3 alpacas. We will pen them on site (we’ll bring all the equipment, so you don’t have to worry about that – we just need an area of hard-standing or grass). Visits are up to 2 hours. Longer visits can be arranged, if requested, however the alpacas will need a break between classes.
Price: £200.

Please note that there may be additional travel charges, depending on distance. Please fill the form below in for a quote.

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