Alpacas at Events

Pull the crowds to your event with the presence of our friendly alpacas!

Agricultural events, village fairs, open days, town centre events, summer fairs…

Our alpacas have always been the stars of any event we have attended, pleasing crowds and drawing people in who come first to see the alpacas and then end up staying for the rest of the event.

We’ll bring our 6x3m educational gazebo for visitors to look around. Inside, they will discover the world of alpacas through a variety of visual and physical displays; where they’re from, why they were created, what they are used for, and interesting facts about their anatomy and fleece. They will be captivated by the video of shearing shown on our large screen TV and horrified to discover what ‘chewing the cud’ really is!

Outside, they can meet our amazing boys who will only be too glad to come up to the fence for a treat or a photo. Whoever said that alpacas don’t like being touched never met our Anakin!

Well-being events, Corporate events or other private events

Alpacas are calming in their very nature. Quiet, sedate creatures, visitors to their pen will feel their troubles float away. Great as a well-being distraction for staff or students alike, who care about their mental health. Spend some time with our fluffy alpacas and you’ll soon understand what we mean.

Christmas Markets

Can’t justify reindeer? No worries; our alpacas can step up to the mark. Better than reindeer, though, you can feed our alpacas.

Do you sell wares at a market stall?

We don’t really have much to sell. You can see our ‘wares’ in the Shop section on the website. We don’t have a farm shop, so don’t have many wares to sell meaning that we can never cover our costs purely through selling at a stall. We are more of an ‘experience’ sort of team and work to get people out and meeting our lovely alpacas more than anything else.


What else do we need to know to book the alpacas?

We are fully licenced, insured and risk assessed for all your events. We bring our own hand sanitiser and handwash station to meet current legislation and can manage the number of people inside the gazebo at any one time to meet current Covid rules. If you would like us to adapt to meet any of your own additional requirements, just let us know.


How much does it cost to book alpacas at our event?

We offer three price ranges depending on the type of setup you’d like; whether a small display for a little village event or a huge, comprehensive educational display with walks.
Price also depends on the duration of the event – we can come for the day or for an hour, so the best thing is to get in touch for a quote.

Please note that there may be additional travel charges, depending on distance. Please fill the form below in for a quote.

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