Educational Alpaca School Workshops

Bring the world of alpacas to your school with our educational workshops.

Our educational alpaca workshops are bigger and better than ever – with a bigger gazebo, bigger TV, more physical displays, the children are sure to be gripped throughout.

What topics do you cover in your alpaca school workshops?

Our alpaca workshops have been designed to integrate into the curriculum at all levels. We talk about history, geography, science, agriculture, but also the more current theme of sustainability, making it a great STEM topic. We can provide ideas for class projects that will tie the workshops into other subjects too, such as English or Maths. It’s not all about the main curriculum though, as we also promote personal development through encouraging questions, logical thinking (we ask questions) and meeting/hand-feeding the alpacas. The workshops are interactive and we teach using a variety of materials including our own design of visual aids, videos, and physical items, some of which the children can get their hands on.

How long are the alpaca school workshops?

The workshops are 30-45 minutes long. Shorter for younger children, longer for older children. We can do 10 minute meet-and-greets with Reception too. The day is structured to allow for 6 full workshops, so six classes can make the most of our presence in your school. We can stay on site for more than one day if you would like to involve more classes. If you would like us to go more in-depth and cover some basic genetics, we can do fewer – but longer – workshops.

What ages or levels do the alpaca workshops cater to?

We offer short meet-and-greets with EYFS, all the way up to A-level workshops where we can cover topics such as genetics. Alpacas, being such an interesting creature, provide a great basis for a classroom topic. We adapt our workshops to the level of the children you book for. The workshops are inclusive as the gazebo is easily wheelchair accessible.

How many alpacas do you bring to the school?

We bring 2-3 alpacas with us. Our alpacas are well-handled, friendly and eager to meet new people. They know that the culmination of the workshop is to be fed treats by the children so they are more than happy to be the subjects of study.

What do we need to do?

Nothing! Well, a little. We will require a power source for our TV, but other than that, our workshops are entirely self-contained. The ‘classroom’ is the gazebo and the alpaca pen is situated next to the gazebo. We have made it so that it is as easy and hassle-free as possible for you. There are no mini-busses to provide, no additional members of staff to supervise the children. This is literally the farm coming to you.

How much do these educational workshops cost?

The price starts at £400 for the day and includes all of the above. Please note that there may be additional travel charges, depending on distance.

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