Alpaca Walking

Join us for a relaxing walk with our wonderful alpacas from just £15 per person.

Situated in the quiet, rural village of Treswell, we are only 7 miles from the historic market town of Retford and 15 minutes from the A1, so easily accessible from South Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Lincolnshire.

From our home holding, we offer alpaca walks all year through, around the local countryside. We keep it personal, so you won’t get lost in a large group and that means you get to ply us with all the questions you can think of.


Alpacas are delightful and friendly animals. Being so calm and gentle makes them ideal walking companions. With their inquisitive nature, they are great fun to take for a walk and are certain to put a smile on your face!
Group of people leaning in and looking at an alpaca fleece
3 girls talking about alpacas

Our walks can be adapted to your own requirements, but generally stick to a routine. After a short introduction to us, our smallholding and the boring – but necessary – Health and Safety, we will introduce you to our machos (alpaca boys) and set off for a casual walk down the lane. During the walk, we will tell you a little about alpacas, their history, their stunning fleece and how we look after them.

“Walking an alpaca allows you to walk your very own alpaca for the entirety of the walk.”

We expect the walk to last about an hour, dependent on the pace of our furry companions. The distance we cover is about two miles along a quiet lane and back. Allowing for the brief introduction, paying your alpaca in carrots and apples (which are provided ready chopped!) and photo opportunities, you should allow an hour and thirty minutes for the entire experience. Be warned, you may want to take your alpaca home by the end of it!
If you are too young or unable to walk the distance, just give us a call, we’ll see how we can meet your needs while providing you with an experience to remember.

Girl talking to alpaca
Group of people holding alpacas and laughing

^ Not everyone gets our alpaca jokes!

< “Come on, James. Smile for the camera.
     – No, you said my hair is looking flat.”

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