Our Alpaca Herd

Welcome to our little online alpaca-world. In this area of the website, you can find information about our herd, our products and services , and also our alpaca experiences – if you would like to meet them.
A little intro to our herd: We specialise in black and grey alpacas. We have males and females in both colours. Our greys include rose greys, so we sometimes have other colours available, depending on what our girls have ‘unpacked’ the year before.

Our herd is humble, and we try our best to keep it that way. Our alpacas are not our income, so, by keeping numbers down, we have more time to really get hands on and have a close relationship with the individuals of the herd. They know us and we know them through and through, which makes it all the more easier to look after them and spot any problems.

Two male alpacas rearing upAt shearing time, we have raw fleece available to buy. If you are a spinner, you will appreciate that alpaca fleece contains minimal lanolin, which means it doesn’t need the scouring that sheep’s wool requires, prior to use.
“Why do we keep alpacas?”, I hear you ask. Alpacas are cute, we won’t disagree with that, but they are first, and foremost, fibre animals. They were bred to produce one of the most luxurious fibres in the world.

Its most remarkable quality is its softness – alpaca fibre is inherently soft. This is due to the fact it has less scales on each individual fibre, compared to sheep’s wool – which has many, and more prominent scales. Even at its coarsest, alpaca is inherently softer than sheep’s wool and often a certain percentage of alpaca fibre is added to sheep’s wool during the woollen process to enhance the handle or feel.

The lack of scales and smoothness of the fibre also gives alpaca a natural brightness as the smoother surface reflects the light better.

Knitters adore alpaca and rapidly become addicted to it once they have felt the softness and quality of the yarns. South Americans use a lot of heavy, bright dyes on their yarns which suit the garments and products they want to make for their home market. However, here in Europe, the allure is the vast range of natural colours. The natural, subtle – but expansive – colour palette offered by the alpaca is one of its main attractions.

Have a look in our online shop to see some of the fleece and yarn we have available.

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