Therapacas – Alpaca Visits

Book our alpacas to visit YOU in your location.

Nursing homes, Care homes, Retirement Homes and Hospitals

Our alpacas are kind and acquiescent; the perfect surprise guests. They will happily enter buildings and gratefully eat treats out of residents’ hands.

Our animals’ welfare comes first, so we keep visits to an hour, but that is plenty of time to include a talk about them, where they come from, what they are used for and how we look after them. Residents get the opportunity to feed them and touch their luxurious fleece (when in fleece). We will also bring also a blanket fleece from a previous shearing for the residents to feel, as there is nothing quite like alpaca fibre, we find.

If there are too many residents or rooms to visit for one alpaca, we can bring a second one along. The price is per alpaca as each alpaca requires an extra handler.

Please get in touch for a quote as price depends on distance and number of alpacas.

Please note that there may be additional travel charges, depending on distance. Please fill the form below in for a quote.

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