Bird Feeders


Bird dispensers filled with alpaca fleece. They will help themselves and use it to line their nests.

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Treat your garden birds to a bit of luxury by offering them some pure, undyed alpaca fibre for lining their nests.

Hang the dispensers up near your bird feeding station or in a tree, in the Spring, and watch as they help themselves to the softest of fleeces for their nests.

Alpacas are fibre animals, meaning their fleece grows continuously, so they sheared annually for their own well-being. We use and sell the best quality fleece for spinning and making garments. The ‘seconds’ (legs, neck and belly cuts) are gratefully used by felters and Britain’s birds alike.

In fact, after shearing, we notice our own little feathered residents flying down to clear the shearing station.
You have the choice between the traditional dispenser or the 4” grapevine ball.

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Traditional Feeder, 4”Grapevine Ball, 5” Grapevine Ball, Refill