Town End Mungo

(Bozedown Bourbon x Town End Lavender)






Fleece Stats

Stud Fees

Date of Birth: May 30th, 2014

Registered with the British Alpaca Society

Colour: Mid Rose Grey

We are very excited to have Mungo in our herd. Not only does he carry the powerhouse genetics of Bozedown on both sides of his pedigree, he also combines Australian, Peruvian and Chilean in his genetics. His fleece stats back up the pedigree and are impressive, to say the least. All the more so for a grey alpaca. His second fleece stats were measured at 16.6mic by the AAFT.  Nicely crimped, with good density and brightness, one cannot help but notice this eye-catching macho.

He is every bit the macho dude. He is playful, yet respectful, and loves to show off. He knows his job and hasn’t failed to get our girls pregnant yet!

We now have his first cria on the ground and are looking forward to more in 2019.

Town End Mungo
Mid Rose Grey
Bozedown Bourbon
Solid Mid Brown
Talisman of Bozedown*
Solid Dark Fawn
Peruvian Male
Peruvian Female
Elena of Bozedown*
Solid Medium Fawn
Peruvian Male
Peruvian Female
Town End Lavender
Dark Grey
Wyona Sunset’s Triumph of Anzac*
Solid Mid Grey
Ble Grass Waterloo Sunset (Aus)
Rose Grey
Wyona Ekstazee (Aus)
Rose Grey
Bozedown Freya
Dark Grey
Jose of Bozedown*
Dark Grey
Gypsy of Cammall*
Solid Black

Fibre Information

Last Test

Last tested: April 15th, 2019

Fibre Testing Authority: Australian Alpaca Fibre Testing

Fleece number: Fifth

Average fibre Diameter : 18.8 microns

Standard Deviation : 3.7 microns

Spinning Fineness: 18.1 microns

Comfort Factor : 99.5 %


Previous Test

Fleece number: Second

Average fibre Diameter : 16.6 microns

Standard Deviation : 3.4 microns

Comfort Factor : 100 %


Stud Fees

On Farm: £700.00
Mobile Mate: £500.00
Drive By: £400.00

Discount applies for multiple bookings

Maximum Distance Travelled: 100 Miles

Terms and Conditions

We guarantee a live cria on the ground for seven days or a free return to service (mileage not included).
The live cria guarantee will be honoured subject to a vet post mortem proving that the death was not as a result of negligence. It applies to the original purchaser and is not transferable.

All females must be in good health prior to a mating.

On Farm mating means your female stays with us for 3 weeks, until she is spitting off. As such, we will care for her as if she were one of our own. She will need to be up-to-date on worming and vaccinations and have a clear BTb test prior to arrival on our holding.

Our Mobile Stud Service allows you to keep your females at home and have them mated there. We will discuss biosecurity prior to booking a date. The first visit with our males is free for up to 50 miles. For greater distances, or return matings, we charge 40p per mile.

The Drive-By Mating option allows you the freedom to bring your female to us for a mating and return home in the same day.

If the female has sat three times following successful matings, it is the owner’s responsibility to speak to their vet for advice on the female’s status or offer a substitute female.

50% of the fee is payable up-front, with the remaining balance invoiced once the female has spat off or a confirmed pregnancy scan.

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